Our name, Yoga Union Community Wellness Center, expresses our mission: to share the uplifting experience of yoga and wellness among a community gathered in union.

Yoga and wellness lead us to grace and purpose, fostering harmony and connection with others. In relationships, we discover our own mind, body, and soul.

Yoga Union Community Wellness Center is built on a foundation of mutually beneficial relationships. For fifteen years, our friendly staff, trade participants, and devoted students have sustained a commitment to building community by nurturing relationships, staying open to one another, and remaining true to our values:

  • Gathering together lifts us all.
  • Resources abound when shared.
  • Everyone matters.
  • Source can be found in anything and everything.
  • Diversity is a celebration of life.
  • Small communities can make a big difference.
  • Right paths vary. All lead home to the heart.

Everyone is welcome.

Yoga Union is a center for yogis in all stages of development to practice and play in the art of Yoga without judgment or expectation. Although people migrate here from all over Portland, its surrounding areas, and even from across the river, our roots are deeply embedded in the haven of Southeast Portland called the Mt. Tabor neighborhood. Many of our students are regulars who, after considering yoga for some time, one day arrived here and, as with a favorite park or café, they’ve returned time and again to fill up on the offerings.

With classes held three to five times per day and seven days per week, the door is wide open and the welcome is always warm. What is truly unique about this wellness center is not only what has been nurturing its roots in the community the last decade, but also what has given it a name – Yoga Union: Where people come together to unite and to elevate their mind, body, and soul with greater ease and purpose – or just to get a good workout. Come by and see us!