I began practicing massage in 1999 after receiving my massage training from East West College of the Healing Arts and a bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sport Science from Oregon State University. I specialize in traditional Thai Massage and Deep Tissue Massage. Bodywork is my passion. In every session, I strive to be fully present and give wholeheartedly.

Traditional Thai massage is the manual medicine branch of 2500 years of traditional Thai medicine. It incorporates elements of mindfulness, yoga, gentle rocking, rhythmic compressions, acupressure and energy balancing.

Traditional Thai massage is found to reduce stress, increase energy, improve circulation, increase flexibility, and improve range of motion. And best of all, it asks the body and mind to let go and relax together.

In all my years of practicing massage, this is the modality I have found to make the most profound changes for my clients. I am both grateful and honored to be practicing this ancient form of healing.

Thai massage is performed on the floor, and clients where loose fitting, comfortable clothing. I use warming pads, steamed towels, blankets, and pillows to add to my clients comfort during the session. The treatment style is slow, deliberate, gentle, and noninvasive, and suitable for all ages and health levels.

It would be my honor to share this work with you.

-Winter Pemberton

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